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Green Valley Storage Advantages

  • All Ground
    Level Storage

  • Wide

  • Drive-Up

  • Climate
    Controlled Units

  • Resident

  • 24-Hour Video

See What Customers Are Saying
C Binns

If you need camper space!!!

Terri B.

Janine & Dale at Gibson Green Valley Storage are helpful and cheerful. They patrol the area and make sure the place looks good. They answer my questions and...

Candy C.

These guys were great! They were very friendly and professional. I would definitely be a repeat customer.

Dave A.

Janine and Dale define good old fashioned customer service! They are both very friendly and easy to get along with. They keep the facility clean and well...

Sharon Sears

We are returning storers…have always been happy with Green Valley Storage staff and facility. Extremely pleased with our experience here.

Michael S.

I have utilized several storages facilities around the US. I can tell that Green Valley Storage is one of a kind. Very quick and prompt service. No...

Charles Grenier
Tom Peterson
Stacy Blind
Guy a cook

Very little storage place just wish they didn't close at 8:00

Self Storage in Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

The thought of service in the self-storage business, is often overlooked. Self-storage is a service-oriented business, and Green Valley Storage is in the business of providing solutions to individual storage needs. Whether a family needs a place to keep their belongings safe and secure while moving from one home to another, or whether a business needs to store inventory or vehicles, Green Valley Storage offers convenient and economical solutions.

All units at the five Green Valley Storage facilities, are on the ground floor. There is never the need to haul your belongings into an elevator or up a flight of stairs. Customers can drive their vehicle right up to a door and start unloading. This saves time and considerable effort. In addition, Green Valley Storage offers climate controlled units that provide protection from the severe heat and cold common to the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada weather. The resident managers have extensive storage experience and are available to answer any questions that customers may have. Since they live on-site, the managers are constantly monitoring the facility to ensure its safety and security.

Service is important to self-storage and we are also proud to be locally owned and operated. Green Valley Storage and its resident managers work hard every day to service their customers.

Unit Size Guide

Our Unit Size Guide can help compare and visualize different spaces so you can find the best match for your storage needs.

Packing & Storage Tips

If you're new to storage we offer guidance and best practices for packing and storing your belongings.

Have Questions?

No worries, we have answers. We've populated our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.